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Issue Briefs

The UEN Issue Briefs summarize why an individual issue is important to UEN member school districts, providing data, statistics, and talking points, as well as defining actions we suggest be taken by Legislators and/or the Governor to address the issue. These are excellent resources to take with you to meetings with legislators and share with advocacy teams. View the individual Issue Briefs below, download all current Issue Briefs in PDF format using the link at the bottom of the page.


Issue Briefs - 2022 UEN Legislative Priorities

  • Invest in Iowa’s Future: Adequate school funding with SSA set at 5.0%, including a minimum of 3.75% SSA for inflationary costs and competitive wage and benefits for staff and an additional 1.25% SSA for childcare and workforce pipeline challenges for 2022-23 school year
  • Student Opportunity Equity: Close the gap for English-language learners, minority students and early childhood/preschool with a long-term focus on low-income and at-risk students
  • Teacher, Administrator, Staff Shortage: Promote staff diversity and talent, waiver of one-year experience for licensure reciprocity in recruiting diverse staff, flexibility in hiring, loan forgiveness programs and hiring retirees without negative IPERS implications.
  • Mental Health Services: Structure for funding and eliminating the shortage of professionals.
  • District Authority: Home Rule in Iowa Code 274.3 requires liberally construing the laws affecting schools to effectuate the purpose of local control.

Issue Briefs - Other Important Issues


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Download UEN 2022 Issue Briefs

Includes full language for all of the current UEN Issue Briefs.